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Keep your skin looking young, fresh and bright.

The pack contains 10 sachets. Each sachet is enough for a week of mini facials.

Cryotherapy is a highly effective method for treating and enhancing facial tone. It is known to progressively develop the elastic-energetic potential of the skin. In the comfort of your home, at affordable pricing, reap the benefits of celeb swooned cold therapy hassle-free.

Reported Benefits of Cryotherapy for beauty and anti-ageing include:

Bright and youthful complexion
Firmer skin
Pore tightening
Relief from anxiety and stress
Reduction of acne and pimples through improved blood circulation


Our easy to use treatment packs come with ten little sachets of herbs and a reusable cryo cone. Each sachet will last you for approx a week of mini facial. The product is made from natural ingredients like plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. It does not contain: Additives, animal products and artificial fragrances. Cleanse you skin as per your daily skin care regime and massage the ice therapy in circular motions. The only thing you’ll feel hot is you after this super easy and chilly treatment


STEP - 01

Empty the sachet containing the active blend into 100 ml of water

STEP - 02

Pour the mixture into the Ice Applicator provided in the box

STEP - 03

Freeze the Ice Applicator (for a minimum of 4 hours) or until frozen

STEP - 04

Apply on a cleansed face, neck and décolleté, gently in circular motion Pat dry your face. Follow this with your regular skincare regime for added benefits.

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