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Beauty is only skin deep – Thomas Overbury

At Isa, we value first impressions, the power of imagery, self-confidence and what role skin plays in that. As important as skin is, face is the first thing people notice about you. When you dress up to enhance your facial features, why not nourish it with natural – quality ingredients and best in line treatment?

Isa ice therapy accompanied with cryotherapy combines inspiration from the magical and resourceful nature and disruptive scientific technology. We’ve founded this therapy to treat common skin issues for all skin types and to meet your skincare goals in the ever-busy life. Once you’ve set your hands on this effortless, result-oriented treatment, it will become your instant favorite skin care routine. Sit back, indulge and chill your skin to a refreshed, invigorated and younger looking – happy glow.

The results of using ice therapy on the face are amazing. These benefits will elevate your skin-care routine, making it easier to deal with common skin issues.

ISA ice therapy helps in renewing and toning the face without side effects. It stimulates the blood flow and rejuvenates the skin.

The premium quality natural ingredients give your face a glowing appearance and prevents wrinkles.

Our Story

Alisha founded Isa with the sole aim to re-connect with nature and formulate a skin care product that is easy to use and equally effective minus pocket burning prices. Like many millennial, Alisha too lost her touch with nature as she progressed in her work life. A passionate do-it-yourself person, it was her pursuit for a natural skin care product that lead her to formulating Isa ice therapy.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. What began as a quest to gratify Alisha’s requirement for a good skin care product, soon turned in to an in-depth research, experimentation and now a product that’s a D-I-Y and a power packed combination of high quality ingredients with new fangled know-how.

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